Young writers, inpiring internet home schoolers

This page will be an exclusive place for our young writers who are preparing for their future by inspiring their online audience today.

As a freelance writer and strong supporter for internet homeschooling curriculums, we will publish portions of novels, poems, scripts and essays to showcase the wealth of young writers who are home schooled.

Creative writing for teens can inspire young adults to communicate better than their peers and hopefully create future orators, debaters and public speakers like Jim Rohn, Fredrick Douglass, and Sojourner Truth.

…featuring young teen writers like:

At 15 years old our next featured computer based homeschool writer is Moriah, and his excerpt is actually a screenplay for a movie! 15 years old and he is preparing to write for a movie! The future is looking very bright when you have young, energetic and prolific minds like these children…and now – “SAZZAPHRAZ – THE MOVIE, LEGEND OF THE STAR WARRIORS” :

Starring Gideon Israel as Gad. Nathan Israel as Benyamin. And Yahuda Israel as Yashua.
The house was as silent as ever in the early morning; around 6:00. Benyamin’s study books would be on the table, neatly put in stacks to maintain order. Everyone else’s corners were not so neat. Yashua of course had his magazines stacked sloppy on the crate next to his chair; which was a dark blue color. Adding a bit of dim scenery to the house. As most parts have more lighter colors.

Grandpa’s safety door was locked shut to prevent anyone from touching his guns; how he got the license for those we will never understand. Brother Lavan’s plate was still on the table; riddled with crumbs from freshly baked cookies made by Mika. Mika also liked Benyamin and kept her place and every other part of the house clean. Except she would never touch Yashua’s stuff. She would just kindly request of him that he neaten it up every once and a while.

….almost the rest of the story

And another inspiring young teen writer:

Gabriella is one of our featured prolific homeschoold writers, and at the creative age 19 years old she will be engrossing our imaginations for a long time. Here is an excerpt from her book (self-publishing date February 2009) “Waiting for the Sun”:

Uwriyahuw is a servant of the royal palace, and he lives on a planet whose sun only sheds light for 2 hours a day in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon leaving only moonlight to illuminate the planet. But since the moon is far away the light it sheds is very dim, so once the sun comes up the people of the planet must use special suits to enter space and get close enough to the star to catch the burst of sunlight coming off its surface.

They use this light to grow and harvest food which makes it a precious commodity, the process is dangerous but necessary in order to survive. The people have lived peacefully using this method but something is about to change that forever….

…just a little more!


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