Mompreneurs…for me is not a catchy title. My focus is to start to garner respect for the true champions for our African American homeschooled children to whom they are simply know as mom or Madea.

For some single-parent homeschools, mom is the cook, the nurse, teacher (of course), walking encyclopedia (mom why does the sun shine in the winter and we are still cold?), fashion police (you are not wearing That outside or inside This house!), and a host of other hats she may wear simultaneously on any given day.

The hat internet homeschooled students may or may not recognize is that of a work at home mom (wahm), because when it comes to paying the bills there is no guessing who is responsible in a single-parent home.

As a mompreneur this task may be either a small challenge or an insurmountable hurdle with limited resources or access to the tools needed to get the budget balanced (there is a budget, right?) and manage a homeschool. The goal for some mompreneur/homeschool moms is to graduate an aspiring writer, video game developer, fashion model, chef (no mickeyD for your child…), actor or overall genius.

For the mompreneur there is a resource for helping an aspiring young writer, script writer or even young director… making essays into books. Homeschooling our students in the fine art of essay writing can build a solid foundation for their writing skills no matter what the career will become in the future.

Quick and Easy Essay Writing can and should be an invaluable tool to get our internet homeschoolers from point A to point B…

Come again over the next few weeks for more resources and response to comments emails….

Start a writing career Here!


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