Teach your Internet homeschool highschool children the Power of Intention – part 1

“Love does not obey our expectations, it obeys our intentions.”
Lloyd Strom

Teaching our homeschool highschool children the power of intention, to focus their thoughts on their future and the positive aspects, goals, decision or paths of learning to create their own future is a parents responsibility that goes beyond measure. To briefly begin this article let’s look at a young king, one of a few young kings and queens history has shown us from cultures from around the world as proof it can be done and perhaps it has been forgotten or set aside.

2 Kings 22:1

Josiah was eight years old when he began to reign, and he reigned thirty and one years in Jerusalem, and his mother’s name was Jedidah, the daughter of Adaiah of Boscath.

In the above example the young king Josiah, even though he was only eight years old, he was still expected to rule a nation of people and they in turn expected him to act like a king. His advisers taught him the power of intention, the power of love to prepare him to guide his people the right way and not like a tyrant. Josiah did rule his people the right way for thirty years and was a legendary and beloved king known around the world.

Throughout history we have had more than one hundred examples of young rulers using the power of intention, the power of love to influence to others. In the semi-autobiographical movie ‘The King and I’ the king of Siam passed his kingdom to his young son to his young son, who was taught to lead his people with the power of intention.

Pharaoh Tutankhamen a legendary young king of Egypt on the same level as pharaoh Queen Cleopatra were also young rulers whose powers of intention affected millions of people over decades.

By sowing small seeds of confidence in our highschool homeschool children at home, confidence in their intentions, confidence in a few conscious directions, a few conscious steps of faith, and acceptance of what they are doing and the direction they are going will carry them through a very fulfilling life.

Proverbs 22:6

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

As our children’s teacher’s by making these intentions a daily habit is like watering the seeds we are sowing, planting a garden of confidence to grow in their minds, make a positive change on their futures – instead of watching their futures make changes on them.

“Just what is meant by ‘your word?’ It means your conscious intention, your conscious direction, your conscious faith and acceptance that, because of what you are doing, the Power of Spirit will flow through your word in the direction you give It.”
Ernest Holmes


Goal Setting for Internet Homeschoolers part 2

In part 1, we realized that if any Internet high-school homechooled students imagined that it is difficult to change anything or achieve anything then they will not be able to overcome that hurdle no matter what size it is, then what we need to learn is how to eat an elephant.

Eat an elephant? Yes! Eat an elephant…piece by piece, like army ants – until it is devoured…in a matter of hours – which means, it can be done.
Proverbs 6:8
Provideth her meat in the summer, and gathereth her food in the harvest.

So mothers/teachers/fathers encourage our Internet high-school homeschooled students to have faith, doubt not that the elephant can be eaten like the ants have been doing for centuries and dinner will be served on each and every hurdle they face or come across, each and every time… It was the exact same idea expressed in Matthew in Matthew 21:21 in part 1 of Goal Setting for Internet Homeschoolers.

Teach your Internet homeschool highschool children the Power of Intention

“Love does not obey our expectations, it obeys our intentions.”
Lloyd Strom

I will be posting an article Monday how to teach our homeschool highschool children the power of Intention, to focus their thoughts on their future and the positive aspects of learning to create their own future. An e-book on writing and public speaking for homeschool highschoolers will be available for pre-order $7.99 before the first week of June to further support Internet homeschooling parents with their efforts to give their children a stronger foundation…

“Just what is meant by ‘your word?’ It means your conscious intention, your conscious direction, your conscious faith and acceptance that, because of what you are doing, the Power of Spirit will flow through your word in the direction you give It.”
Ernest Holmes

Freedom On Juneteenth – What We Have Forgotten

Every year for 145 years we have continued to celebrate that fateful Juneteenth day in Galveston, Texas when the 2 year old news arrived that the emancipation proclamation had been signed freeing all slaves. Black slavery was abolished on this Juneteenth day, the 19th day of 1865 in Texas and an emancipation proclamation summary was delivered throughout Texas either officially or unofficially. But have we remembered to celebrate everything?

This Juneteenth celebration a final blow to American slavery has moved beyond the borders of Galveston, beyond the borders of the great State of Texas, beyond the borders of the U.S. to encircle several countries and faiths and peoples. We need to ask ourselves – have we remembered to celebrate everything?

Juneteenth in Galveston Texas is sometimes celebrated for a day or a week and even a whole month. Being freed from slavery can have that kind of memorable effect to where you want generation after generation to almost feel the embrace of emancipation. To remember Juneteenth not only as a time to barbecue and drink – but as a historic marker of freedom for a downtrodden people. Juneteenth celebrations and Texas emancipation should be synonymous in our minds – to be taught to our homeschooled children as history so that it will never be repeated. Remember to celebrate everything. Remember to teach those homeschoolers and youth anywhere near you the importance of this epic day. Remember to share stories about freedom a month before and a month after to emphasize the importance of having the right to be free.

Texas emancipation law is that – an actual law on a physical piece of paper, that needs to be read and remembered. Emancipation in Texas was not taken lightly 145 years ago, we must also remember and try to imagine what it was like to hear the emancipation proclamation summary. Imagine what it was like standing there with half your strength already gone from working all morning (read 4 a.m. until), what it was like to have whip marks on or backs that itched or ached even if they had already healed from years ago.

Imagine standing there barefoot and barely clothed in rags to hear – you are FREE. In your Juneteenth celebrations, remember to celebrate everything – you are FREE.

African American slavery is a crime punishable by law. Juneteenth day from now on has to emphasize, remember to celebrate everything – you are FREE.

The plight of African American people has a solution – FREEDOM. Remember to celebrate everything.

Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom. A man can’t ride you unless your back is bent.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Mentoring: A Glue that Binds African Traditions and Should be Shared with Homeschoolers

When the subject of conversation turns to rich culture and traditions, Africa would definitely be a part of that discussion for an internet homeschooler’s curriculum. And with the voyage of Africans to the Great Americas, our people have endured so much-poverty, discrimination, racism and numerous other attacks. The society, as it seemed, had waged war against our race but they were resilient. And now that we are among a different nation, it is imperative that we as African Americans uphold our traditions.

Just looking at how we as African Americans survived the slavery and intolerance against ourselves, most would grow to respect our people. But what made us pliant to all these trials? Was it keeping our traditions? If it was, how did our traditions reach the modern day African American internet homeschooler’s? Handing down these customs to younger generations meant having someone teach the ways of the old. This is where mentoring comes into homeschooling.

Mentoring is simply defined as a process where an experienced individual gives support and encouragement to a person who has less experience. The mentor in an internet homeschooler’s environment then serves as the advisor though his or her example and guidance. Mentoring should be informal or formal, normally depending on circumstances in our homeschool. The most engaging field trip would be to schedule a 15 session with a successful or prominent African American in your city to talk with you internet homeschoolers about the importance of our history upon his or her successes.

With formal/informal mentoring among African Americans, the mentor should be the guide of the student on his academic works. He or she should also guide the student to community affairs which aim to maintain their traditions through several factors such as faith, music, poetry, and others. It could also be as serious as coping with racial discrimination and how to be confident despite the environmental circumstances.

But what are the traditions that need to be handed down to the next generation in our homeschooler’s environment? Looking at the younger generations of African Americans now, we can conclude that they have gone a long way and have improved immensely in all aspects. Confidence and self-worth is a great part of African American mentoring in our homeschools. What is there to be ashamed about our culture anyway? We are a great people and we value close family ties, respect for the elderly and we excel in arts, government, finance, education and sports among many other areas of society.

Due to this need for mentoring among the African American race, 100 Black Men, Inc. was born in 1963. Its purpose is to improve African American lives in a community full of other nationalities. Currently, there are famous members such as Denzel Washington, Bill Cosby, Michael Jordan to name a few examples to be shared in our internet homeschooler’s classes. Outside the organization we have , Ophra Winfrey, Cicley Tyson, Barbara Jordan, and Maya Angelou as a wealth of greatness among our community to share in homeschooler’s studies.

Mentoring was and still is an essential duty of this organization. One of their programs intended that children ages nine until post secondary learning would get holistic knowledge through some rites of passage which includes preparation of the males for their manhood. Also, the subjects cover aspects of heritage, family, etiquette, survival and other skills, and even faith. Resource management, athletics and tutoring are also essential parts of the learning process.

By taking part in such mentoring activities or providing similar activities at home, our young African Americans would develop a better understanding of his or her culture. Pride and self-esteem would also be established without disrespecting other colors or race a vital foundation for any home.

The mentoring process, in general, teaches respect and appreciation for the African culture. By knowing the rich history and contemporary assets of our people, we are better able to keep and protect what rightfully belongs to us which no amount or form of slavery would be able or has been able to corrupt.

A battle lost or won is easily described, understood, and appreciated, but the moral growth of a great nation requires reflection, as well as observation, to appreciate it.
Frederick Douglass

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