Goal Setting for Internet Homeschoolers part 2

In part 1, we realized that if any Internet high-school homechooled students imagined that it is difficult to change anything or achieve anything then they will not be able to overcome that hurdle no matter what size it is, then what we need to learn is how to eat an elephant.

Eat an elephant? Yes! Eat an elephant…piece by piece, like army ants – until it is devoured…in a matter of hours – which means, it can be done.
Proverbs 6:8
Provideth her meat in the summer, and gathereth her food in the harvest.

So mothers/teachers/fathers encourage our Internet high-school homeschooled students to have faith, doubt not that the elephant can be eaten like the ants have been doing for centuries and dinner will be served on each and every hurdle they face or come across, each and every time… It was the exact same idea expressed in Matthew in Matthew 21:21 in part 1 of Goal Setting for Internet Homeschoolers.


Cat Tales & New Faces

5 Homeschool moms and 18 kids met at Cat Tales Zoological Park this past Wednesday morning. It was chilly, and threatening to rain, but prayers were offered by all of us I think, and the rain stayed away for the first time in over a week. When Amber emailed me and asked me to host a field trip in my area, on the same day that she and a few others were also doing field trips in […] Read more

Free Curriculum for Homeschoolers

If you’re a homeschooling parent who’s looking for fresh ideas to spice up your curriculum or free curriculum to round out your program, take a look at Homeschool Helper Online. The site is a collaborative effort, so you can share curriculum that you’ve created and enjoy the curriculum that other moms and dads have put Read more

The Etiquette Factory: A Review

Etiquette – [et-i-kit, -ket] noun — conventional requirements as to social behavior; proprieties of conduct as established in any class or community or for any occasion. Etiquette.  Manners.  Proper social behavior. We all know how important etiquette is, but doesn’t it seem these days that many are lacking manners?    As homeschoolers we do have a […] Read more

Dear Barbara Frank

Dear Barbara:   I know that you don’t know me, but I just had to write and THANK YOU for posting your article, Homeschooling to Prevent Rebellion.  I would have left this as a comment after your article if there had been the option to.  So many new homeschoolers are fed the […] Read more

Social concerns of Internet Homeschooling

Social skills is an area of deep concern when it comes to internet homeschooling. Many critics point out that since man needs to hone his social skills, an internet homeschooling environment where social interaction is limited is detrimental to our internet homeschooler’s growth and development. But studies have proved this wrong.

It’s the environment…
Children put into the fiercely competitive school environments lack the confidence to hold a conversation. Such children show little genuine interest in the topic of conversation and don’t know how to interact with people of various age groups, especially their elders.

Learning by example…
Internet homeschooled children who learn at home are more aware of the implications and the purpose of their learning. They will ask intelligent questions and make accurate observations. Internet homeschooled children begin their life by imitating their parents. Internet homeschooled children therefore pickup the sterling qualities they see in their parents. On the other hand, they are protected from the detrimental influences of their peers.

Necessary tools for socializing…
These internet homeschooled children are thus better equipped with the tools necessary to face the world. The positive reinforcement that takes place in the internet homeschooling environment as opposed to being abandoned, embarrassed or ignored in a normal school environment strengthens their self-esteem. Internet homeschooled children turn out to be better balanced and well-rounded as they progress into adulthood.

Dealing with Doubt

As we began our seventh year of homeschooling this August, I found my mind plagued with doubts and fears. Are we doing the right thing? Why are we doing this? Is this what is best for our children? Are they missing out on a real school experience? Some homeschoolers have their kids take achievement tests […] Read more