About Daviyd the Pencil Pusher…

The peculiarities of being a freelance writer will be expounded here for all to see or not see…

There are several advantages of being the geek in an African American family (as explained to me by my sister), your sister, her sisters, cousins, relatives, friends (and enemies) can always depend on you for the right answers or the latest news as the computer homeschool resource and when it comes to teaching their children at home about technology. I also as a freelance writer singly champion homeschoolers to becoming prolific writers, so that they can communicate their ideas throughout the challenges of the future. Thus and so I write about various ways to incorporate a well-rounded homeschool curriculum using the internet as a resource.

Add to that working with several layers of technology for over a decade and then you get questions that benefit the hurdles facing the marriage of small and medium enterprises (I personally look at internet homeschooling as a small enterprise) and technology. Additionally I champion assisting work-at-home moms bringing home some bread that pays the bills thru various ventures that can be done from the comfort of their home.

Which brings me to the writing portion of my talents, anwering questions via email got a little hectic and a lightbulb went off in my head to publish the answers in the form of articles. Then requests began to come in for freelance articles and when my fingers do the writing everyone is happy…


2 thoughts on “About Daviyd the Pencil Pusher…

  1. I have no questions right now, but will read your article archive. I tripped upon you and your website by accident. There was your Article on African Americans, online tools and homeschooling.

    I raised a geek son, so I understand about ready answers and technology. He is the person on the home page of my website teaching his neice something http://www.parentsforstudentsuccess.org, I have a geek daughter also. I raised them as geeks because they were born geeks and because we lived in areas with gangs and drugs and being a geek was an instant repellent to the attraction of those who might want to recruit them. In fact they protected them in ways because my kids were who they really wished they could be if their parents were more aware. Thus I started Parents for Student Success. I train parents in inner city environments how to protect their children from those who prey and from teachers who assume.

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