Announcing the best change for our raw foods blog…mompreneurs, homeschool moms and parents!

Chelyah Israel, will take over as the head contributor on raw vegan dieting, raw vegan diet tips, natural organic products that can be made at home; getting our homeschoolers healthier and happier.
A significant goal achievement for us both, Chelyah has over a decade of experience as a raw foodist and organics entrepreneur and I whole-heartledly welcome her taking over the reins as chief raw food blogger. My goal achievement was to get an expert raw foodist to blog on (which thankfully she has volunteered to do)…Yeah! She has a long standing relationship with organic and natural solutions like natural black hair care, natural organic hair care, all natural hair care, natural hair care tips, african american natural hair care, natural organic cosmetics, homemade soap, organic soap, organic skin care, organic cosmetics, make your own organic cosmetics (whew – she knows a lot more than I do!). So make sure to visit, click and read the wealth of info that will soon be posted (I may even put my 2 cents in…for team achievement purposes) in the next few days, months and years to come!


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