Colourology power color-gold

According to my colorology chart, my power color is gold and turning to history it shows the Egyptians knew of the metaphysical and healing powers of gold, then we have alchemists who believed it cured all manner of physical, mental, and spiritual ailments. “Gold derives its influence from the Sun,” he explained, “which is, as it were, the Heart of the world and by distributing these influences to the human heart it serves to fortify and cleanse it from all impurities.”

From my chart it shows:
Gold’s influence can take us to another level when we are willing to open our knowledge to it’s peculiar wisdom.

Some define colourology as a life power color helping to balance one’s life, and when we find in colorology whats your power color then in my case gold will bring my life to another healthier level by meditating on it’s influence in my life…what say ye?

“Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.”


One thought on “Colourology power color-gold

  1. It is thus necessary to examine all things according to their essence, to infer from every species such true and well established propositions as may assist us in the solution of metaphysical problems.

    Just a thought a friend came across, when looking at my life power color of gold it seems that it fits to help fix metaphysical problems – problems you can’t put your finger on…

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