A colorology of my world…

Colorology of Daviyd

Sun sign color: Gold, yellow, orange
Personal expression color: Green
Destiny color: Violet

Gold – derived from orange and yellow; gold has been used to give us success in many aspects of our lives. Gold connects nearly anyone to our higher spiritual qualities and develops emotional warmth, love and compassion; influencing all who come within it’s radiant power.

A comprehensive grasp of all of gold’s attributes overflows normal comprehension. Gold’s influence can take us to another level when we are willing to open our knowledge to it’s peculiar wisdom.

The complimentary color to ‘gold’ is indigo. So if you find your chart exhibiting overawing ‘gold’ energy, you may want to consider introducing more ‘indigo’ energy into your life.

On the following pages you will find a personalized reading for each three-part combination with ‘gold’ as the sun sign.

Physical health or aspects – ‘gold’ energizes the spleen, the spleen influences one of the minor chakras giving vitality to the body.

It is used to influence the circulation and the body’s skeletal system. In various homeopathic remedies ‘gold’ is used to treat depression; in conventional western medicine it is used to treat various arthritic, rheumatic, and spinal-related problems.

With a proper balance of ‘gold’ it can influence one’s life by making us feel unconquerable or victorious. An improper over-balance of ‘gold’ can drive one to the point of over-achieving and exhaustion. The under-balance of ‘gold’ leaves one’s energies feeling drained, even to the point of major depression.

“Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.”


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