Computer based homeschool curriculum options-colorology

Computer based homeschool curriculum options-colorology

Back on topic to share more homeschool curriculum options hoping to bring a little color to computer based homeschoolers, where the resources are plentiful and varied when getting started with colorology as a course to teach at home.

Parents that choose to home educate using computer based homeschooling cannot restrict their curriculum to the basic readin’, rightin’ and arithmatick. Today’s educational requirements for employment need a more well-rounded workforce with skills like: ability to use a computer, use the internet for research, bilingual ability, and being able to handle a fast-paced and often stressfull environment.

Add to that scenario what happens when you get off from work, the stress of traffic, nothing to watch on tv and rising costs of running a household brings more stress into the picture. As parents who home educate we should equally prepare our children for a better life both at home and work.

Home education should include tools and knowledge to handle the coming future for these future adults, hopefully preparing them for a better lifetime. So what does colorology have to do with stress? A great deal when it comes down to selecting an alternative way of healing or relieving what makes one stressed or dis-eased.

Consider showing homeschoolers basket weaving as a form of therapy for stress, the effect will be surprising. Color therapy, used with colored yarns and threads for activities such as cross-stitching and embroidery can make unusually creative ‘homework’ that can even soothe someone else as a gift.

Now you’ve introduced colorology into your computer based homeschool curriculum with an open mind that can be further rounded out with more resources on the internet. With basket weaving as a start to color therapy, looking for additional ways to fill your computer based homeschoolers curriculum is an open window to colorology knowledge.

“Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.”

  Malcom Forbes


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