Computer based homeschools curriculum options

Computer based homeschools curriculum options

With internet access to the information super-duper highway curriculum options for computer based homeschools are unlimited; however the basic focus still lays as a foundation – readin’, writin’, rithmatick, history, science, and health.

The challenge then remains, what else should be added to prepare our children for the future.

An additional language is always a subtle yet powerful advantage to give computer based homeschool children when taking into account the power of communicating ideas as they grow into adulthood. Most employment opportunities today require bilingual skills and pay more for a world that is getting smaller by the day.

A foundation in computer skills is also a must, and an emphasis in social science would round out a full curriculum. In the last few years some computer based homeschools have been adding accupressure, yoga, and colorology to expose their children to an even broader based educational skillset to give themselves an advantage usually reserved for only a few people or cultures.

Always consider how knowledge can allow your children to cross boundaries that normally would not exist by giving them a chance to exceed expectations….

Education is the transmission of civilization.
George Washington Carver


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