Another computerbased homeschool writer…Moriah

At 15 years old our next featured computer based homeschool writer is Moriah, and his excerpt is actually a screenplay for a movie! 15 years old and he is preparing to write for a movie! The future is looking very bright when you have young, energetic and prolific minds like these children…and now – “SAZZAPHRAZ – THE MOVIE, LEGEND OF THE STAR WARRIORS”  :

Starring Gideon Israel as Gad. Nathan Israel as Benyamin. And Yahuda Israel as Yashua.
The house was as silent as ever in the early morning; around 6:00. Benyamin’s study books would be on the table, neatly put in stacks to maintain order. Everyone else’s corners were not so neat. Yashua of course had his magazines stacked sloppy on the crate next to his chair; which was a dark blue color. Adding a bit of dim scenery to the house. As most parts have more lighter colors.

Grandpa’s safety door was locked shut to prevent anyone from touching his guns; how he got the license for those we will never understand. Brother Lavan’s plate was still on the table; riddled with crumbs from freshly baked cookies made by Mika. Mika also liked Benyamin and kept her place and every other part of the house clean. Except she would never touch Yashua’s stuff. She would just kindly request of him that he neaten it up every once and a while.

Gad however had no corner in the house; after all he didn’t live there. He would visit every once and a while, which was to him (EVERY SINGLE DAY). And when he did visit (EVERY SINGLE DAY) Gad would come to the table and dice, cube, shred, or melt his cheese to have a little snack.

Even getting Benyamin to go on crazy adventures was a part of his agenda, adventures that were usually made by someone’s hate for Gad or something stupid he did. Maybe even swindle Yashua into coming. The point is that every time he comes something stupid always happens; Like now.

The phone rang loud and clear in Yashua’s ear, he opened his eyes right away at the sound. The ring tone was the most ridiculous one he had ever heard. The words repeated over and over. “You’ve got a festered cheese, festered cheese, festered cheese, you’ve got a festered cheese, festered cheese, festered cheese, f-fe-fes-festered.” The song stopped.
Yashua turned over in the bed to see Gad staring at his phone; then at him. “Wake up Time” he said. Yashua groaned and turned over in his bed.
Mika opened the door to the oven; she sighed slightly as the blast of heat touched her face. And took out the cookies that steamed in the cold air.
“I told you to turn the air up!” she shouted. “I told you to stop baking, it’s boiling in here!” grandpa yelled back. Brother Lavan stepped down the stairs and immediately smelled the freshly baked cookies. He walked faster to the table and stared down at the plate, the cookies were stacked in a neat shape. He looked up and Mika was on the other side of the table; staring at him with a raised brow. “Just looking” he said. “Mm hmm” she left the table and went to the sink.

The boys piled up in the bathroom, Yashua grabbed his toothbrush and looked at the toothpaste; as Benyamin picked it up and stared at him. “Something wrong?” he asked.
“I hate strawberry,” he told him. “I love it” Gad intervened. He quickly snatched the paste and squeezed it on his toothbrush. “That’s a lot,” Benyamin said in a small voice. He looked at his brush; “sh-dofent-lep-u-uge-shaf-mus?” Gad’s voice muffled under the brushing. “What?” Benyamin was dumbfounded. “She doesn’t let you use that much?” Yashua reiterated the question. “No” he said, “I’m sure she wouldn’t mind this one time.”

***Please note this work is protected by Creative Commons License – Some Rights Reserved***


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