Garbriella our first featured computerbased homeschool writer

Gabriella is one of our featured prolific homeschoold writers, and at the creative age 19 years old  she will be engrossing our imaginations for a long time. Here is an excerpt from her book (self-publishing date February 2009) “Waiting for the Sun”:

Uwriyahuw is a servant of the royal palace, and he lives on a planet whose sun only sheds light for 2 hours a day in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon leaving only moonlight to illuminate the planet. But since the moon is far away the light it sheds is very dim, so once the sun comes up the people of the planet must use special suits to enter space and get close enough to the star to catch the burst of sunlight coming off its surface.
They use this light to grow and harvest food which makes it a precious commodity, the process is dangerous but necessary in order to survive. The people have lived peacefully using this method but something is about to change that forever.
One day while waiting for the sun to raise Uwriyahuw notices his sister singing a very odd song but he soon realizes that the song is making the sun come up faster than normal. At first he’s suspicious but the very next day he takes his sister out 4 hours before the sun is scheduled to be on their side of the planet and tells her to sing the song again. His suspicions unfortunately are proven correct when the sun begins to rise just moments after she finishes. 
Fearing his sister’s safety he tells her never to sing the song again; but his command comes too late. Someone has already witnessed her power, and he’s going to tell the King.

Hmm, Hmm, Hmm, Hmm
Little star, Little star.
Shalom little star! Did you just wake up?
Well we ain’t got that much time so you better raise up!
There’s a whole world waiting for you to shine.
So go on and get up, everything’ll be fine.
And I know sometimes those planets can get in your way,
So just tell ‘em to move, cause you got a busy day!
So come on and shine my little star,
You know you’ve got the power no matter where you are.


***Please note this work is protected by Creative Commons License – Some Rights Reserved***


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