Oh Happy New Year to you…

Happy New Year to all and yours, my new year’s resolution is to be cured of neglectmyblogitis… a virulent disease that tends to prey on people who feel their workload plate is full and prioritize goals like a fireman in the midst of a forestfire. To start this year off I’m heralding the efforts of a poet friend o fmine in Dallas, Texas who is spreading his poetry wings by performing at weddings. Being a romantic myself, I gushed at the thought of hearing poetry at the beginning of the wedding, after the vows are made and after the cutting of the cake. I really cannot get enough of poetry and the romantic side of me will drink until my cup runneth over… One of the most incredible events parents will ever see is inrtoducing your children to poetry into the African American homeschool environment. Children will freely express themselves through poetry and also increase their vocabulary, reading and comprehension skills through writing poetry.  Here’s looking forward to a prosperous and prodcutive new year.


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