Miseducation of the negro…has it evolved?

 The Mis-Education of the Negro by Dr. Carter G. Woodson – published in 1933 would seem not valid today due to the fact of it being over 75 years and education has evolved to include computers and other advances. The following are a few quotes from his book:

“It begins in the classroom while you are seated and ready to learn. The ‘educated’ Negro has been taught to have contempt towards his own people and admire the Hebrew, Greek, Latins and the Teuton. The teaching of the subject ‘Negro’ is either dismissed or thought of as having little consequences.”

“This concept is the worst sort of lynching: there would be no lynchings if it did not start in the classroom. To handicap a student by teaching him his black face is a curse and that his struggles to change his conditions is hopeless is the worst sort of lynching. ”


These two excerpts seem to qualify as valid even today as our children are still woefully lacking in knowledge on several fronts including their own history. Unless the contempt for self is removed not only in our classrooms, but at home also the miseducation will continue for another 75 years. Where will our country be then, because anyone who is at all aware until our people are cured of this malady the same effects of the dis-ease will be reflected in our ghettos.


One thought on “Miseducation of the negro…has it evolved?

  1. The new lynching is incarceration of more African American youth and adults than were ever lynched. Our public schools are training camps for low esteem, thoughts of failure and yielding to a base authority bot internally and externally.

    MOTN is among my favorite manuals for living free in the United States. I read Obama’s education plan and like it. Unlike the rhetoric that the D’s have had on charter schools so they can hold hostage poor children in failed learning, he supports charter schools.

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